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Making Outdoors a Safe Place for Your Kids to Play

Too often in today’s society, kids spend the majority of their time indoors playing video games or watching TV. When a child has a safe, fun place to play outdoors, it is beneficial to them in many ways to get outside and burn some energy off. There

Natural Toothpaste for adults and children

There are many reasons to use natural toothpastes over traditional toothpastes. One benefit is that they contain no chemicals or harmful ingredients that could affect our health and well-being further down the line. Almost all traditional toothpastes you see in the supermarkets contain toxic or potential harmful

6 natural sleep aids for children

If your child is having problems getting to sleep, it can be a number of different factors contributing to it. The usual reason behind a child’s lack of sleep tends to be their diet, closely followed by how much exercising they are getting. Other things such as

7 the Best Natural Laxatives for Children

There are several ways to naturally encourage bowl movements in children without using any medicine that could cause them harm. Before you decide to use any laxatives, check your child’s diet to ensure they are eating enough fruit, vegetables, and are getting at least the recommended daily

What you need to know about eco friendly packaging

Eco friendly packaging is the term coined for any packaging material that improves sustainability, reduces the ecological footprint and environment impact of the earth. Since the start of the industrial revolution the environmental impact we humans have done to mother earth has become quite a problem. The